Hello! First, let me congratulate you on taking this step towards improving your health and living the best version of your life. I would love to help!

As a Health Coach, my strong commitment is to guide my clients toward reaching their fullest potential, evoking their joy in living, and achieving their optimal well-being.

Here is how this became my passion:

Where it all began…

I started my interest in Holistic Health as a young Hippie in Venice, CA. Joining in the health food movement, I thought I was on to something new and exciting. Of course, it wasn’t at all new, rather a resurgence of how past generations nourished themselves by growing their own nutrient-rich, organic food. At the same time, I upped my fitness regime by taking up roller skating on the Venice Beach Boardwalk and eventually becoming a life-long runner. Finishing a marathon was one of my greatest life accomplishments. I was referred to by my friends as a “health nut.” I was never able to figure out why I was the nut for wanting to be healthy??

After moving to Northern California and starting a family, I decided to return to school and became a certified Nutrition Consultant. I then spent the next 25 years working in Holistic Health Education. Along with my colleagues, I believed that education was the key to healing an unhealthy world. I still believe this is true and although we have seen wellness becoming more popular of late, it remains puzzling as to why there is so much preventable illness still prevalent today. Why are people not using this information that is so available to them? Usually, the answer is “I know I should, but I just can’t seem to make myself do it.”

Yes, it’s easy to tell people what to do, but there are many reasons for chosen behaviors. The missing piece is gaining awareness of what is holding you back from achieving what you know is best for your well-being. I decided to go back to school and become a certified Health Coach with the intention of helping my clients complete this process of becoming their best selves.

How I can help…

My clients (or as I like to call them, co-creators of change), have many different reasons for seeking out a coaching relationship. This may include personal growth and empowerment, confidence, productivity, achieving work-life balance, health and weight issues, communication, relationship building, and more. I love helping with all of these aspirations. A very special area of interest that excites me to work with is managing stress and anxiety and reaching inner peace.

My story…

Often times, we are drawn to something based on our own personal experiences. I know this is the case for me. It was severe stress that accelerated with a traumatic event that brought on this anxiety that I could only describe as “pure terror.” The terror was about not believing that this difficulty would ever end and things would never get better, as much as I was assured otherwise by family and professionals. Well, they were right, it ended and things got better. But not without work. It took me having to step out of what was happening to me externally and step into what was going on for me internally. It took me shifting my awareness from my “thinking brain” to my “survival brain.” It took self-discovery and building a “survival tool-kit” that I would always have with me, should I ever be in a compromising position again.

This was an extraordinary experience and what drew me to a deeper study of recovery to well-being and the desire to work with others struggling with it. Ill-health and suffering are a part of life, as are wholesomeness and joy. I believe, when we can understand and accept this reality with self-compassion, we can get through the difficult times and even come out stronger.

My commitment to you is to be your partner in self-discovery as you build your survival tool-kit, so you can be fully present for those joyful times.

My training…

I am trained in a style of Health Coaching called “Narrative Health Coaching.” created by Dr. Joel Kreissberg at Teleosis Institute. Narrative health coaching is an integrative approach based on four principles: stories matter, relationships engage, learning transforms, and growth heals.

Narrative health coaching emphasizes stories that foster healing. Going beyond conventional coaching, the narrative health coach encourages clients to gain awareness of the mindsets, or stories, that contribute to or maintain dysfunctional health behaviors. Once clients have identified a dysfunctional story, the coach facilitates the creation of a new story that becomes the core motivation to learn and maintain new and adaptive health behaviors.

I have also studied with the Strozzi Institute and employ the practice of somatic coaching, a  modality that moves the center of learning from the head into the body, giving access to all aspects of intelligence—intellectual, emotional, and physical. This unique approach often facilitates sustained, transformative change. In addition, one of my favorite applications is “Awakening Joy”, created by James Baraz, a founding teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. This work is based on opening to life with appreciation, resilience, and an open heart, inclining the mind toward well-being and gaining deeper insight that promotes authenticity. I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant through Bauman College, Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts.

I am very proud to say that I have most recently earned the National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) title, granted by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching.